Warehousing in Poland

Why is Poland the best strategic location for Warehousing in Europe?

Why is Poland the best strategic location for Warehousing in Europe?

Effect of pandemic, recent lockdowns,  increase in the freight rates, growth of e-commerce are some of the factors that have led to increased infrastructure developments in the European Union especially when it comes to development of new industrial /distribution spaces. 

As Freight forwarding, logistics,  warehousing and fulfillment companies are cropping up, new developments in the warehousing facilities, quick and modern outlook to the required services is among the priorities of the investors.

When the demand for warehousing in Europe is on its peak, the question arises, how does one choose the location for the warehousing facility? Among top preferences are Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Italy. But why do Poland amongst all stand out?

As Poland and Germany both are located centrally in Europe, more and more logistic companies are cramming into Germany, as the warehousing demand stays strong in this region.

However, higher costs and regulatory challenges surrounding the building of warehouses in Germany is leading to relocation of many warehousing facilities across the border to neighboring Poland.

Immense economic growth in recent years, strong strategic location bridging the gap between east and west Europe, cheaper options to rent or build, is leading to a very fast development of the sector in Poland.

Bullheaded infrastructure, impeccable connectivity, new rail freight link with China, easy and affordable services, Skilled workforce and logistics related infrastructure makes Poland a hub for warehousing and logistics and soon a world leader in the same.

If you are looking to expand in the EU, warehousing in Poland can be one option that can make your business more profitable and connected. For more information please contact info@investineurope.pl